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Photo Tutorial

How to order prints online and dowload

Here's how to order prints online and have them shipped to your door:
  1. Go to and choose the football link
  2. From the football homepage click on the photo gallery located on the left side of the page in the navigation menu, or you can click on this link, it will take you to the same spot.
  3. From the photo gallery page find the game from the list that you are looking for.
  4. From the Picasa photo album, find the photo you like and click on it.  When it shows just that photo on the page, go the the top of the page and click on the "Prints" button.  Choose "Order prints".  This will place the photo in your shopping cart.  You can then go back and add other photos to your cart.
  5. At any point after adding photos to your cart, you will have a "view cart" option that you can click on to view your photos chosen, determine size and print provider.  Walgreens is convenient because you can go and pick them up, however they are more expensive.  I've had other parents use snapfish and photoworks with success.  They will ship the photos right to your door in about a week.  This method is the simpliest, and very inexpensive.  4x6 prints are under a quarter, and shipping is usually under 2 bucks. 
What about downloading files and sending them to a different print provider: 
If you don't want to use any of these print providers, you can in step four above, choose the "Download" instead of the "Prints" button during step 4 above.  A high resolution JPG file will be downloaded to your computer.  You can save it and then give it to the print provider of your choice.  This is what I do because my favorite (and cheapest) print provider is CostCo, mostly because they do a great job on the huge 20x30 poster prints, but that's just my personal preference.